Wedding Venue

Drakensbergkloof Guest Farm and Wedding Venue is the ideal venue to spend a weekend celebrating your love with family and friends.
Its tranquil and secluded nature gives your guests the opportunity to enjoy a weekend of rest and relaxation as part of the matrimonial merriment.

At Drakensbergkloof Guest Farm and Wedding Venue we love the idea of an old-school farm wedding where friends and family get together for a whole weekend of festivity, reconnecting and quality time. The farm provides the ideal setting for a perfect love story that starts with life’s greatest blessing – being surrounded by those closest to your heart.

The venue is ideally suited for weekend weddings. Begin Friday night with the two families coming together for an intimate celebration at the stables around the crackling fire. On Saturday, while the bride and groom are getting ready for their big day, there is lots to do on the farm. Early-risers can enjoy the unforgettable sunrise followed by a leisurely breakfast. Guests can explore the farm on bicycles or use the many footpaths to enjoy their beautiful surroundings.


Holkrans Chapel

This unique little chapel is located within the cliffs of Drakensbergkloof and was naturally formed through years of water running through the mountains to the farm. A small waterfall is always present, but during summer months the water flow can be quite strong producing a thunderous, awe-inspiring sound – absolutely beautiful. The chapel is located close to the reception hall. Wooden logs with cushions act as chairs for your guests, ensuring a unique and natural look for the chapel.

A three-tier rock-formation provides more seating for guests, as well as a grassy area with even more seating. The chapel can accommodate up to 250 guests.
Guests enter the chapel through wooden doors on a stone path leading up to the cliff and after the ceremony return via the stone path to await the newly married couple. The bride may choose to make her long-awaited entrance from the front or through a secret path through the forest from behind the guests.

The Holkrans chapel offers couples an opportunity to promise their everlasting bond to each other in a spectacular and picturesque setting like any other.

The tranquil sounds of nature, birds singing and the beautiful flow of the waterfall adds to the unforgettable romance of the ceremony.


Forest Chapel

The forest chapel is covered by a canply of trees and guests look out onto the dam with an impressive view of the mountains. It is an experience in itself as you walk over a suspension bridge.

This option is perfect for the bride who prefers a romantic forest setting.

This area can easily accommodate up to 250 guests under the trees and is walking distance from the reception hall.

For the couple who wants the sights and sound of nature as the background music to the beautiful journey they are about to embark upon together, there is no better choice than the forest wedding.

Reception Hall

The thatched roof reception hall can accommodate between 60 and 250 guests and is ideal for both small and large weddings.
Even when packed to capacity there is more than enough space for a large dance floor to add to the celebrations.

After the ceremony, guests can revel in the beautiful view over the dam while enjoying canapés.
The reception hall has a rustic feel and is an ideal option for the bridal couple who prefers to put their own unique stamp on the look and feel of their wedding.
The hall provides the ultimate setting for a wedding with a natural, countryside feel. Natural elements such as rock and water makes the reception one-of-a-kind event.
The wooden box Edison lights hanging from the rafters are hight adjustable and creates an amazing effect when hanging over the tables.
The hall offers enough dark wooden tables and chairs for the reception and blends in perfectly with the natural and rustic look of the hall.

Rock walls that are a staggering 10 meters high form part of the hall structure and adds to the unique and natural look of the reception.

The perfect venue to make your dream wedding a reality.