Harko and Veruschka

14 May 2018 – Our Perfect Rainy DayDrakensbergkloof

 Every woman dreams of her perfect wedding with the perfect man, at the perfect venue. That said, any one of those can be hard to find, but when Veruschka first saw photos of Drakensbergkloof she instantly knew she had her perfect venue, even before she got engaged.

“I could see myself walking down the slope to the Holkrans Chapel where my perfect man would be waiting”.    Veruschka

After five months of planning the wedding day at the perfect venue with the perfect man arrived. But, as any bride knows, we can plan for everything but the weather.

The weather. Oh, the weather. Rainy, freezing and muddy.

“The team at Drakensbergkloof was fantastic, they smoothed over panic attacks and tears, giving various plans for various scenarios and jumped in to make my day as beautiful as I dreamed”.


As guests arrived on the weekend they were assisted to get through the muddy areas or go through fields to avoid it and Nicolene arranged the canapé area beautifully to accommodate the guests in the hall out of the cold.

“In the end, our wedding day was memorable and everything I dreamed of, thanks to the creativity, uniqueness and hands on team of Drakensbergkloof “.  

Harko en Veruschka